New Directions for people with disabilities, inc. (New Directions Travel) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization providing leisure and educational travel opportunities for adults who have mild to moderate intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, such as cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome and autism. Since 1985, we have taken over 19,000 people with special needs on tours all over the world. (more...)

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5276 Hollister Ave #207  Santa Barbara, CA  93111   (805) 967-2841

New Directions, Inc. is a registered Seller of Travel in the State of California, Reg. #2113686-40.  We are also a participant in the California Travel Consumer Restitution Corporation, Member #601444.

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New Directions for people with disabilities, inc. is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation

All donations are tax deductible. Federal Tax I.D. #77-0147768

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update


If you are looking at this website, I imagine that you are wondering, “How is New Directions doing?”

Well, we are “hanging in there.” Surprisingly, only a couple of tours have had to be cancelled. The others have been postponed to a later time in the year.

We anticipate a lull, but when the crisis has passed, we expect a flurry of sign ups, tours and donations! New Directions will be stronger than ever!Thanks to the generosity and foresight of our friends and past donors, New Directions has an endowment fund and a small reserve that we anticipate will carry us through these tough times.

The importance of a well-funded endowment cannot be overstated. (Yep, you’ll be hearing from me on this!)Our tour guides, travelers, parents have been very understanding about the tour postponements. Our office staff have amazingly good attitudes, and are finally able to get to some of their “back burner” duties. Everyone is looking forward to the future.

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COVID-19 Update
If you are looking at this website, I imagine that you are wondering, “How is New Directions doing?” more...

We are incredibly fortunate, due to the extraordinary generosity of our long-time board president, Bob Habush and his wife Mimi for the following:

• We will continue to pay our loyal employees who participate in our Office Assistants Program, even though they cannot come to work.

• Two years ago Bob and Mimi generously donated the funds for an updated data base system that is allowing our staff to work from home.

• Bob and Mimi have over many years generously subsidized the expansion of our office space. This has enabled those who do need to come in to the office, to safely adhere to the CDC’s guidelines for social distancing.


We do anticipate a negative financial fallout from this crisis. Fortunately, a number of tour guides have already set up fundraising appeals on their Facebook pages (Thank you!). I feel confident that the parents and family members who truly understand the importance of this service, will pitch in. Not to mention, that when this crisis is over, everyone will need a vacation! 

Hang in there with us. We look forward to a positive future when New Directions is stronger than ever!

Stay well,

Dee Duncan - Executive Director